From Field to Capsule

With medicinal crops being the main ingredients in our products, we are involved in all stages from cultivation through R&D, laboratory testing, clinical trials, production, processing, design, packaging to distribution in order to ensure the highest quality of the product when entering the market.

Keeping control of a vertically integrated value chain enables us to provide safe, herbal and premium quality products to users worldwide.
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Our Key Operations Include

    • Development of pharmaceuticals

    • Laboratory research and clinical trials

    • Evaluation & continuous development of the product

    • Obtaining and updating approvals & certifications from relevant governmental & non-governmental authorities (Dep. of Ayurveda, NMRA & ISO)

    • Establishment of out grower farmer networks to cultivate crops supplying our factory

    • Establishment of the operation of plantations for crops cultivation

    • Operation of a state-of-the-art factory for production of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals

    • Logistics and transportation services

    • Sales and distribution

    • PR & Marketing

    • Finance & Administration

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                    Medical Plants - High Value Addition

                    We strive to explore different plants and investigate their medicinal properties to reveal how we can utilize them to develop healthy and effective products to treat a wide range of diseases, illnesses and conditions. ​

                    We believe that most cures and prevention of today’s illnesses can be found in the nature and developed from plants.

                    Clinical Trials

                    We always strive to develop high-quality herbal products with maximum effect and no negative impact on the patients.

                    We perform comprehensive research, studies, testing and clinical trials before a product is being launched into the market.​

                    Clinical trials are being conducted according to the Ayurvedic and/or NMRA guidelines of Sri Lanka.​

                    For our cancer treatment products, we complete testing in cell lines both normal and cancer cells. Preliminary tests are conducted on mice and rat and volunteer based clinical trials are conducted on patients at the final stage.

                    Depending on the final results of data analysis, we produce pharmaceutical products including herbal extracts  to treat cancer development and prevent metastasis.

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